About us

Who is furnisty? 

Furnisty was founded by stylist Bieke Damen and by Filip Vandevoorde, Sales and Marketing Director at In-Lease. Bieke's visual eye and Filip's experience at In-Lease as a specialist in furniture rental for individuals and professionals meant a perfect match!

How did Furnisty come about? 

Furnisty was born from the idea of quality interior design and professional furnishing of studios and apartments on the rental market. The core business? Selling furniture packages to developers, promoters and property owners.

The faces behind Furnisty

Filip Vandevoorde
Filip is a sales manager at In-Lease, the specialist in furniture rental with more than 30 years of experience. Based on its expertise in temporary rental facilities, In-Lease also offers complete interior packages for expats, diplomats and students. Together with a 25-person team, Filip will now collaborate with Bieke.
Bieke Damen
Bieke Damen has been working for over 15 years for several magazines and renowned brands as an interior stylist. Over the years, her experience became the ideal basis for achieving the exact right atmosphere in your project in order to uplift the yield of your investment. Bieke and Filip are now engaging in a collaboration named Furnisty.

Why choose Furnisty?

Frame 854 (4)

Furniture tailored to your apartment, studio or vacation rental

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Professional styling and an all-in package

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5-year warranty on quality furniture

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Professional assembly team and permanent contact person


How can we help you?

Wondering what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us!