Vacation homes

A vacation home for rent is an ideal investment, which you can maximize the return on with the right finishing and furnishing. The choice of attractive and timeless furniture that can withstand rough handling is essential. Furnisty is your partner for the total furnishing of investment properties such as vacation homes with a view to optimal returns, all year round.

Vacation rentals are always rented furnished. In addition, electrical appliances, curtains, lighting and some decoration are also needed to create an attractive residence.

At Furnisty, you will find total furnishings in convenient packages that are put together by professional stylists.


Total furnishing of vacation homes

Sturdy quality furniture that also looks attractive. Our stylists know what your vacation home needs to render. In addition, we offer:

  • Premium electrical appliances
  • An eye for the predetermined budget.
  • 5-year equipment warranty and prompt service in case of defects.

This what our clients say

"Furnisty took care of the styling and also the practical side of the total decoration of some vacation homes in Europarcs. Thanks to the contemporary look, our units are rented out smoothly throughout the year."
Euro Parks

How can we help you?

Furnish vacation homes with quality and contemporary furniture for maximum return? Contact us without obligation.