Tips for decorating a student room

A student room is usually very compact. A small area must be divided between the sleeping area, the desk, a sitting area and possibly a kitchenette and bathroom. With the right furniture, you can furnish a small room as efficiently as possible, making it both functional and cozy.


Light colors for a larger space

Where dark furniture makes a room seem smaller, light furniture works the exact opposite way. After all, a light color reflects the light, making the furniture itself seem less imposing and the room look larger.

It is also best to paint the walls in a light color for the same effect. Colored walls are certainly allowed, but in moderation. Mirrors are a good idea because they reflect light which in turn enlarges the room.

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Functionality with the right furniture

The amount of space in a student room is limited. By choosing furniture with different functions, you create added value in a small room. For example:

  • A fold-out bed creates more space during the day by allowing you to store the bed in the wall. 
  • Choose a desk and dining table in one, that way you don't have to keep space to install both in a student room. 
  • A sofa bed is the ideal way to turn your sleeping area into a sitting area without wasting unnecessary space. When choosing a (bunk) seat, make sure the fabrics are easy to clean. Another good option is a removable cover. 

Tip: Be sure to utilize space that would otherwise be lost, such as by placing a closet under the stairs or installing drawers under the bed. 

Create a certain style in the room. A room full of furniture that does not match each other looks untidy and busy, making the room seem smaller.

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Creating the right atmosphere

Besides functionality, you still want to create coziness when decorating your rental project. By choosing a ceiling lamp and a desk lamp, the functional light is already ticked off, but what about the mood lighting? By providing a few mood lights, you can make a student room very cozy at night.

And what about an air-purifying plant? Plants provide more coziness and, in addition, they also provide more oxygen, allowing students to concentrate better while studying. Win-win! 

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