What type of furniture for an investment apartment?

Furnishing a house or apartment intended for the rental market requires appropriate furniture. You obviously want each piece of furniture and the decoration you choose to use to withstand rough handling. In addition, the intention is that the furniture should last for many years. Making the right choice of furniture is therefore essential when styling a rental apartment.


Timeless styling of investment real estate

On the one hand, when furnishing an investment apartment, it is important to choose neutral styling. Timeless colors and fabrics are central to this. After all, this is how you ensure that a furnished apartment will appeal to a lot of potential tenants.

Decoration, on the other hand, can be chosen 'on trend'. It is the ideal way to take the furnishing of the investment project to a higher level. Since decoration represents a relatively small investment, it is easy to replace over time. 

By choosing decoration "on trend," you can really "boost" the styling of your investment property with a small investment.


Quality furniture for investment real estate

When furnishing investment apartments, you don't just choose a timeless design, furniture that can stand up to wear and tear is also essential. Some tips:

  • Choose a seat that is easy to clean. Even better; by choosing a seat with a removable cover, you can very easily wash out the cover or even replace it if needed. 
  • Go for tables with tabletops made of materials that can withstand rough handling. After all, you don't want colored food substances such as red wine to leave circles or stains. 
  • Solid tableware and quality electrical appliances will also ensure that your investment lasts for years. 

Need help choosing the right furniture for your investment project? Let us know! 

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