The story behind Furnisty

From a collaboration of Filip from In-Lease and interior stylist Bieke, a new concept was born; Furnisty. Discover how we assist real estate owners and developers in styling and furnishing investment properties.


A bigger need for furnished real estate

The changing way of life means that furnished real estate is increasingly needed today. After all, young people are less likely to choose to buy a house. On the other hand, we see that there is more need for temporary housing for expats and diplomats, for example, and the concept of co-housing and co-living is also on the rise.

To meet the emerging need for furnished real estate, Filip and Bieke joined forces. "We now combine our logistical strengths with professional interior styling to relieve promoters and property owners from A to Z."

Filip from In-Lease 

Investing in furnished real estate has been a growing segment in Europe for years . From his expertise as a furniture rental company in 6 different countries, Filip knows this like no other. "In-Lease has been serving promoters and investors with furnished properties for years."

Thanks to the collaboration with professional stylist Bieke Damen, Furnisty is now able to professionally furnish large projects on short notice. After-sales service and complete unburdening is central to this.

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Interior stylist Bieke Damen

There are numerous reasons why people don't invest in a house to buy, he said. ""We see that young people first want to rent in the city, for example, or spend some time abroad. Still, they would like a pleasant apartment decorated to perfection.'' With her expertise as an interior stylist, that is where Bieke comes into the Furnisty story. 

Taking into account the demand of investors, she puts together a package (furniture, decoration, electronics...) to their liking. Stylish furniture that meets the specific requirements of rental apartments are Biekes' specialty. And together with the logistical strength of Filip's team, Furnisty thus becomes a reality. "

Want to know how Bieke and Filip do things? And how you can realize a complete, professionally decorated home with Furnisty in a short period of time? Get in touch!

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