Parc seny

Having trouble finding a tenant for your apartment or studio? That's exactly the problem the owner of an apartment in Park Seny in Auderghem also experienced. He knocked on Furnisty's door for the total design of his rental project. 


Finding a good tenant is a real challenge for many apartment and studio owners. To better market your rental project, a timeless interior design is essential. That is why the rental company came to us for total care in the field of furnishing.

Total furnishing of an apartment

Furnisty went to work on a unique prime location in Auderghem called Park Seny, furnishing an apartment that just couldn't find a tenant.

In less than a week we delivered the professionally put together package. How is that possible? By choosing contemporary furniture and decoration that we had in stock. 

Furnisty's stylists put together a timeless package and within the week all the materials were delivered. Thanks to the current furnishings, the apartment was rented in a short time.

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